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Feb 4, 2021

Our guest on SOUNDFOOD is the incredibly brilliant, strong, courageous, inspiring and multi-talented Valerie Harvey.  Val is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist with an impressive roster of clients in her portfolio. She continues to follow her passion by cultivating beauty (inside and out!) with her clients and recently became a Cornell University Certified Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Instructor.  This month, Val will be launching a podcast, “On the Bias” about dissecting race within the beauty and fashion industry. In this episode, she so graciously creates a safe space where we discuss all things diversity, equity and inclusion.  She also shares about her life experience, including moving to the States from her birth place, Panama, growing up and then leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses, breaking into a mostly white industry as a BIPOC as well as her different identities and textures as a Black and Latina woman. In this episode we open up a conscious dialogue around race, intersectionality, privilege and biases and how to actively deprogram our societal conditioning, systemic bias and the fear that polarizes communities. This episode was so powerful, we brought Val back on for a hands-on workshop on how to integrate some of this diversity training and = awareness into our daily lives.

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