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Sep 2, 2021

This episode serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder to us all that in order to heal physically, we must first examine our mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. And, the plants are here to help. 

We are honored to welcome the radiant and wise Alexis Smart to SOUNDFOOD. Today we journey under her expert guidance into the multidimensional, melodic world of flower remedies and the subtle energetics of healing.  

Alexis is a practitioner of homeopathy and the founder of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies - a beautifully curated line of flower remedies made with the highest quality organic, biodynamic and wild harvested Bach flower essences, following the lineage of Dr. Edward Bach. Alexis founded her flower remedy practice in 2004 out of a desire to help others to heal, as she learned how to heal herself of a serious illness;  through flower essences, homeopathy and holistic medicine.  Her experience working directly with clients over the past 18 years has deepened her understanding of human nature and showed her, first-hand, the link between emotional trauma and physical illness and the miraculous potential for healing when emotional balance is restored. 

In this episode, Alexis imparts many takeaways about the restorative properties of flower remedies, outlines how to choose the perfect remedy as a novice, opens up about her creative/formulating process, the environments that restore her spirit, and much more magic.

Like musical notes, flower remedies vibrate at a uniquely resonant frequency, and have the ability to unify, heal us  both individually and collectively.   This conversation feels perfectly timed as it addresses the stress, uncertainty and loss of control that has been present in many of our lives over the past 18 months.  Alexis literally embodies and gives voice to the much needed vibration of FLOWER POWER! 

Thank you, Alexis, for sharing your sincerity,  wisdom, floral intelligence and golden heart with us.

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Infinite gratitude!



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Books Mentioned In This Episode:

The Essential Writings of Dr. Edward Bach: The 12 Healers and Heal Thyself by Edward Bach

Jenna Zoe Human Design 



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