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Sep 23, 2021

This episode is a straight-up wake up call that fresh foods are a human RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE!

We are honored to welcome LaRayia Gaston to SOUNDFOOD. Our candid, raw conversation cracks open the heart to let humanity flood in and shows how we can all take conscious action to redirect our food waste to feed our marginalized communities and learn to love without reason. 

Our guest LaRayia is the powerful, multidimensional force behind Lunch On Me, LaRayia’s Bodega, Artist, Author of Love Without Reason and is an actual (cooking) saint! LaRayia is the living embodiment of  nourishment; literally feeding 10,000 people a month in Los Angeles and now expanding to Atlanta!  

In our dialogue, LaRayia speaks about the insights she experienced while spending 43 days living on Skid Row while filming a documentary, shares how we can get more involved with her nonprofit Lunch On Me, why farm-to-table needs to break out of its elitist mold, how she maintains the highest integrity of food preparation and conscious cheffing for her “street fam”, and the inspiration behind her first-ever organic 99 cents store LaRayia’s Bodega which will open in its second location in Atlanta on October 1st. 

This dialogue delivers a powerful reminder that food is love, that we can make an impact through our micro-gestures and that people in fact DO have the power. And it all begins with learning to give a F%*k!

Thank you LaRayia for sharing your light, wisdom, intuition, patience, respect and love for humanity with us. 


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Deep gratitude!


Mentioned In This Episode: 


Kahlil Gibran 

Keys of Enoch 


Essence- Wiz Kid

Wish You Were Here- Black Coffee

Where to find Larayia :

Website | Lunch On Me | Bodega | @larayiasbodega |@larayia | @lunchonme

 EAT GOOD FAT- Oil Drive Info: 

Join us in celebration by helping support LaRayia’s initiative and the Atlanta homeless community by donating organic oils! So easy and such a great and manageable way to make a large difference! 

Please send all organic oils to: 


LaRayia Gaston / LaRayia’s Bodega 

3005 Peachtree Rd NE #1917

Atlanta, GA  30305


LaRayia’s Bodega

2713 W 6th St. 

Los Angeles, CA 90057

Note: you are welcome to drop off your donations in person from 10-7pm in both locations. 

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