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Jul 8, 2021

Today’s episode is a gentle and illuminating reminder that in order to see the most beautiful parts of the Earth, we must first actively protect and deeply respect her.


Our guest today, Nina Karnikowski, is an author and travel writer who invites others to think twice before they, well, travel. An Australian native with a home base in Byron Bay, Nina had written about and traveled to over 60 countries before experiencing a personal awakening on a work trip to Antarctica that transformed her life trajectory. From that point on, Nina began to slow down and rethink the impact travel has on climate change.  In the years since, she has courageously flipped her decade-long travel writing career on its head in order to commit to and reframe conscious travel and living and has released two magical books: Go Lightly, How to Travel Without Hurting the Planet and Make a Living Living, Be Successful Doing What You Love. Along with being a prolific writer and author, she is first and foremost a sustainability advocate, Earth ally, creative powerhouse and Lover of the Natural World. 


This conversation feels perfectly timed as the pandemic restrictions lift and we venture out of our homes.  Nina’s latest book, Go Lightly, was released this Spring and serves as a sort of high-vibe handbook that answers to her commitment to low impact travel: by inspiring and educating readers on how to explore our fascinating planet without causing it further harm. In this episode, Nina imparts many takeaways on how to travel the Earth without recklessly deepening our carbon footprint, how to practice more conscientious travel and off put emissions when we do visit faraway places, the importance of showing (and paying) reverence to local communities, her creative process, spiritual journey and how to be grateful for all that’s just within reach. We also get a sweet, intimate and candid look at how her marriage continues to light her up after 10 years of partnership!

Thank you Nina, for your wisdom and your heart.

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Infinite gratitude!

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