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Feb 10, 2022

We are back and so grateful to welcome cosmic sister and healer Kelsey Barrett to Soundfood. 

Our conversation opens up a portal into the healing realms of pleasure and taps into the tendermost layers of the psycho-emotional body. Whether you are celebrating Valentines or not;  Kelsey’s whole being reverberates so powerfully with beauty and Eros that your heart is bound to soften, expand and heal with us in this one.


Kelsey Barrett is a clinical herbalist based in San Diego. Focusing on detoxification, density nutrition, and chronic illness, Kelsey uses her own intuition and clinical expertise to reveal the deepest roots of disease and foster intimacy with self, health and the natural world. Her herbal and environmental insights have been published in Vogue, Edible East Bay, GOOD Magazine and Gestalten, and she is currently Director of Herbal Education at Verse, a three year online clinical herbalism certification program.


Our conversation covers everything from Kelsey’s rocknroll roots, to how she discovered the path of Clinical Herbalism, studying at Esalen Institute with the masters, the connection between our emotions and physiology, and the inspiration behind her online clinical herbalism certification program.


Kelsey shares her own herbal non negotiables, why consistency matters, and how connecting with your ancestry can have a powerful effect on your health. She highlights how important welcoming intimacy and play is to a wellness routine and shares how she can literally see the truth in others.  She demystifies some of the current wellness fads and offers practical, informed feedback on how we can begin to utilize the healing powers of plants to transform our daily lives. 


Thank you, Kelsey, for being so open, grounded, and luscious. We love you! 



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