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Jul 29, 2021

This episode is pure nourishment for the soul and soil!


We are delighted to welcome Juliana Ciano -  neurodivergent educator, mother and co-founder of the beloved local organization Reunity Resources to SOUNDFOOD. Juliana’s commitment to a holistic system of pedagogy can be seen and felt in all of her endeavours. Her refreshing, grass-roots perspective is deeply inspiring. 


Since co-founding Reunity Resources in 2011, Juliana has worked to build a next level compost programming that now diverts 1.5 million pounds of food waste from the Santa Fe landfill annually! According to the New Mexico Recyling Coalition, in the USA alone, 40% of food  (at an annual cost of $100 billion) is wasted each year and goes directly into the landfill. Meanwhile, 50 million people go hungry every year. Food represents 14.5% of the waste stream in America (EPA). Organic materials, of which food waste is a significant component which are disposed of in landfills generate methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21x more potent than carbon monoxide. Additionally, 13% of greenhouse gases in the US are associated with growing, manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of food. Bottomline: we are wasting tons of precious energy on our WASTE itself. And yet, there is a simple and tangible solution: compost! 


Juliana’s commitment and scrappy, down- to- earth mindset offers a beautiful and powerful example of how the shift can begin in our own communities and kitchens. 

Reunity Resources has expanded from gathering unwanted cooking oil from local Santa Fe restaurants, to composting en masse, cultivating its own farm and being of service to the community through education, programming and, of course, growing and sharing (human and soil) food!

In this episode, Juliana reveals her passion for giving back to the endlessly generous Earth. She shares her wisdom regarding all things composting, mulching and how we can observe from plants, the importance of intersectional connectivity. 


This conversation will nurture the desire to close the loop from farm to table and mind to heart;  increase your mindfulness about food waste, and inspire you to make more meaningful connections with the people, plants, music and the abundance of energy around you every day. 

Thank you for tuning in. If you are able to donate to SOUNDFOOD we would be so grateful for your support. Everything and anything you can give helps us continue to share these conversations with the world.

Infinite gratitude!

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