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Apr 29, 2021

Today’s conversation will bring you joy and renewed zest for life and the Earth. 


As we round out this month’s celebration of the Earth, we are pleased to welcome Danielle Delhaes and Steven Spazuk to the podcast. Danielle and Steve are incredible artists, teachers, naturalists and self-proclaimed “Enthusiastic Earthlings” with an incredible,  multidimensional love story to share. 


Danielle Delhaes is a mother, sustainability educator, mentor, cancer survivor, environmentalist and director of Paedagogia Inc in Montreal.  Her work is rooted in a diverse portfolio of projects educating people of all ages on the importance of and the different paths to sustainability.


Steven Spazuk is internationally recognized for his stunning and sustainable visual art.  His art has expanded across several mediums since the 1980s, but he is perhaps most known for his recent work using fire as an expression—also known as fumage art; painting with soot and carbon from fire.  


Danielle and Steven share a profound love for each other and the world around them.  Our conversation explores the importance of living with intention, the co-existence of art and ecology,  the power of healing, and the symbiotic relationship between all living things. We are honored to share this conversation with you. 

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Infinite gratitude!

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Where to Find Danielle and Steven:

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