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Mar 17, 2021

SUNDAY SUPPER the newest  offering from SOUNDFOOD. The experience begins with an open format interview with our host Nitsa Citrine and the artist, accompanied by live performance art or sound immersion and closes with a Q+A where our community is invited into the dialogue. 

The invitation is to slow down, tune inward, and receive creative resonance on this sacred day of rest. We invite you to drop in with us and begin listening. 


Our first recorded SUNDAY SUPPER was hosted March 7th featuring the radiant Allie Crow Buckley. Allie joined us and an intimate group of our SOUNDFOOD community to perform a few tracks from her previous albums and hints at her new album, Moonlit and Devious. In this cozy session we dive into Allie’s creative process, her cosmic love story with her partner, we bathe in her soulful songs and angelic voice, she reads us poetry and then we open up the conversation to our SOUNDFOOD community exploring her work and life.


All proceeds from this event went to Save the Music Foundation, preserving children’s music education. 

Thank you for tuning in. If you are able to donate to SOUNDFOOD we would be so grateful for your support. Everything and anything you can give helps us continue to share these conversations with the world.

Infinite gratitude!

Where to find Allie: 

Allie’s Website

Allie’s New Album; Moonlit and Devious

Allie’s Previous Music 


Mentioned in this Session:

Save the Music Foundation







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