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Apr 22, 2021

Today’s episode of SOUNDFOOD will open you up to the possibility that love and awareness can change the World. ... And it all begins with the Soil.


In celebration of Earth Day, we are thrilled to welcome our first couple to SOUNDFOOD. Sarah and Ryland Engelhart are partners in love, parenting and stewardship of the Earth. True visionaries, their work is rooted in a commitment to creating more harmony and healing on the planet, all levels


Ryland Engelhart is an entrepreneur, activist and filmmaker. As the co-founder of Kiss the Ground the non-profit and producer of the film Kiss the Ground,  Ryland embodies what we deeply admire at SOUNDFOOD; interdisciplinary exploration and commitment to high vibrational living. Ryland and Sarah have been instrumental to the growth and success of his family’s plant-based restaurants: Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre. Ryland is also the co-creator of the documentary May I Be Frank? And the host of his own podcast: Kiss the Ground. 


Sarah Engelhart is a mother, artist, alchemist, and CMO of Joan of Sparc ~ an educational community for inner work inspired by her background in counselling and psychology.  She is a lover of spiritual inquiry,  meditation, yoga, philosophy, and religious studies. Sarah is also a devoted advocate for holistic health and medical sovereignty and has volunteered with projects such as the Robert F. Kennedy’s nonprofit Children’s Health Defense.


Sarah and Ryland not only inspire us with their love and commitment to one another, but also their devotion to Earth and Her inhabitants. We dive into an expansive and honest dialogue about suppressing ego, leading with love and intuition, learning from and respecting Mother Earth, staying grounded and, of course, what nourishment means and feels like for them.

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Infinite gratitude!

Mentioned In This Episode: 


Ryland’s Films Mentioned

May I Be Frank?

Kiss the Ground


The Engelhart’s Plant-Based Restaurants Mentioned:

Café Gratitude

Gracias Madre  


Ryland and Sarah’s Family Farms: 

Sow a Heart Farm

Be Love Farm


Where to Find Ryland and Sarah:

Ryland Engelhart on Instagram

Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground on Instagram

Kiss the Ground Movie on Instagram

Sarah Engelhart on Instagram

Joan of Sparc

Joan of Sparc on Instagram


Additional Resource Mentioned:

Children’s Health Defence 

Weston A. Price

Charlie Lutes

Joan of Sparc Podcast Episode featuring Amanda Chantal Bacon

Ryland's podcast "Kiss the Ground "

Emperor’s College Santa Monica





Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting with the Soil and Healing from the Ground Up









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