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Nov 25, 2021

Today we give reverence for our Indigenous ancestors and sacred traditions. 


We revisit a powerful conversation with our beloved friend and infinite source of inspiration Maria Calderon. Maria is an interdisciplinary folk artist of Peruvian indigenous descent who reminds us of the power of reciprocity and remembering. 


Our conversation is inspired by Maria’s unique life journey and explores the importance of actively honoring our native ancestors. Maria opens up about her family’s experience fleeing from persecution in South America and shares how her ancestry is reflected in her art and reverence for plant dyes and color. She offers us a gracious glimpse into the principles of Ayni, a Quechua concept rooted in reciprocity, which reveals how everything is interconnected. 


We discuss creative process, motherhood, grounding rituals, blood memory, land stewardship, how embracing our different cultural lineages can help depolarize society, the significance of the rainbow in Maria’s work and the healing powers of Mother Nature. 


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