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Sep 9, 2021

Do you feel stagnant, stuck, uninspired or in any way less than thriving these days? If so, please know that you are not alone! Today's episode is here to activate, align and empower us to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, prosperity and joy. 

We are honored to welcome a dear brother, visionary, spiritual ally and multidimensional mentor, Justin Faerman to the podcast. Justin is a highly intuitive entrepreneur, writer, teacher, renowned consciousness researcher and flow pioneer.

Justin speaks on the powers of flow consciousness - what it is and how we can identify it in our daily lives, how it differs from flow state, why he founded Flow Consciousness Institute, and some straightforward ways we can start tapping into a deep state of flow ourselves. He opens up about his personal health and healing journey; from McDonald's to meditation and shares crucial  insights on how we can optimize our systems through inner work, master distractions, heal through suffering and increase flow.

In the conversation Nitsa honors Justin for founding Conscious Lifestyle Magazine  with his co-founder and partner Meghan McDonald and courageously using this platform to publish alternative content that goes against mainstream media. We explore Justin’s thoughts on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and some of his interesting takeaways from plant medicine.

This episode will give you a healthy dose of “irrational hopefulness” and a sense of optimistic sovereignty to light up and support you through the rest of the week.

Bless you Justin!

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Infinite gratitude!


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Where to find Justin:

YouTube | Conscious Lifestyle Magazine | Justin Faerman | Instagram | Flow Consciousness Institute 


Books Mentioned In This Episode:

How We Heal 

Entangled Life 

LSD and the Mind of the Universe 


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