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Aug 19, 2021

“Imagine Yourself Free and Think How Dangerous that can Be” 


Today we are honored to welcome the brilliant and brave Ron Finley aka “The Gangsta Gardener” to SOUNDFOOD. This is a powerful, liberating, playfully provocative episode rich in plant magic, energetic sovereignty and positive vibrations. 


Ron Finley is celebrated  as “The Gangsta Gardener” as a result of his bold move to transform the barren parkway in front of his South Central LA home into an edible, urban oasis. Frustrated by his neigborhood’s lack of access to fresh food, Finley planted his first tomato seeds in 2010; which initially earned him a police warning. However through his courage and diligence, these seeds eventually grew into a flourishing urban garden that has now blossomed into a larger movement for underserved communities worldwide. 


Today, Ron serves as activist, artist, horticulturist, global motivational speaker, and a pioneer in the urban-agricultural community. Ron’s initiative, The Ron Finley Project, teaches communities how to transform food deserts into food sanctuaries and how to regenerate their own land into thriving ecosystems. Ron has empowered and inspired many young and underprivileged  people to be the designers of their own lives. He continues to cultivate his own flourishing garden in inner city LA and inspires countless others to sow seeds where they are needed most. Ron is also on the curatorial team of the Destination Crenshaw Project; a 1.3 miles of art and culture celebrating Black Los Angeles. He is one of the national artists for the public art challenge Fertile Ground Project out of Jackson, Mississippi. He truly embodies interdisciplinary cretaivity and expression.


Ron and Nitsa share an open, joyous and transparent dialogue that reflects the multidimensional vibrancy of The Garden itself. Ron’s words invoke a very grounded call to action: not only for food security but also to inspire others to truly LIVE. 


This is a conversation not to be missed. Take it outside and listen as you soak up some sunlight and fresh oxygen if you can!

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Infinite gratitude!

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