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Jul 15, 2021

Have you dropped in with your local gardens, communed with the plant kingdom or simply said hello to the flowers around you recently? Our guest this week will inspire you to (re)direct your attention to spend time with these beautiful and wise beings every day. 


We welcome the deeply magical alchemist, folk herbalist, fellow starseed and “plant whisperer”  Kate Clearlight to SOUNDFOOD. In this episode, Kate shares how plants have helped her tune into her highest and most authentic self. She explains how these verdant beings are eager to be our friends and all we have to do is be present and allow their loving intelligence to flow through. 


Along with being an active gardener, wild forager and advocate for flora, Kate is the founder of the coveted, high-vibrational brand Plant Folk. In our conversation, she describes the human and nonhuman  support systems that have nourished her along her healing journey;  eventually guiding her curation of  the much sought after Plant Folk  products - all of which literally fly off the shelf! Kate discusses how quickly her herbal apothecary grew: from making small, handcrafted batches in her home and selling at farmer’s markets, to now serving a growing list of clients, and being promoted on platforms such as Vogue. 


Kate opens about how she has rooted into reciprocity and integrity as her business grows and shares grounded and clear recommendations on where to source herbs, how we can begin connecting and meditating with plants, as well as personal practices that help her dive more deeply into  a state of service every day.  Listening to her, we can not help but share the profound and expansive gratitude she feels towards the soil, (micro)organisms and all beings on Earth. 


Get cozy, grab your favorite herbal infusion and soak this one up. Thank you Kate! 

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Infinite gratitude!

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