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May 9, 2021

Today’s dialogue is intimate and very precious. 


As we continue to celebrate our Mother Earth in all her forms, we are delighted and honored to welcome our host Nitsa Citrine’s Mother and Grandmother to the podcast. Heather and Anna share their life journey and evolutions, Christensen family traditions, intuitive connection to nature and enthusiasm for holistic living, all of which they have passed down to Nitsa. 


Anna May Christensen is a grounded and wise mother, grandmother, Master gardener, lover of beauty, advocate of natural medicine and, as Heather calls her, a “true saint”.


Heather Christensen is a certified 5 Rhythms, aerial yoga, dance and movement artist.  She has founded several dance studios - offering innovative and interdisciplinary dance since the 1990s, including her current studio Dance Yogis and the Laughing Mama - where Nitsa grew up. Heather trained as a dancer at Juilliard and worked  for years as a professional modern and ballet dancer before coming West to study under Gabrielle Roth at Esalen institute and eventually develop her own unique styles of movement and healing arts.  


As three generations of Projectors, we dive into our Human Design and astrology, individual personalities, gratitude and memories. Our conversation spans many lifetimes as we delight in the reverence we have for our family thread, building upon the health consciousness inherent in each generation, our relationship to dance, the shared connection to holistic medicine and food, and the many lessons we’ve learned from one another. This episode highlights how Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes, and hopefully will impart precious wisdom, healing gratitude and tenderness for all beings….. We all came into this world through the womb!

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Infinite gratitude!

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