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Jul 29, 2021

This episode is pure nourishment for the soul and soil!


We are delighted to welcome Juliana Ciano -  neurodivergent educator, mother and co-founder of the beloved local organization Reunity Resources to SOUNDFOOD. Juliana’s commitment to a holistic system of pedagogy can be seen and felt in all of her endeavours....

Jul 22, 2021

Today we look to the ancient technologies of indigenous ecosystems to provide guidance for the future (and survival) of humanity in the face of climate change. 


We are thrilled to welcome designer, activist, academic, and author, Julia Watson to SOUNDFOOD. Julia is a leading expert in the field of...

Jul 15, 2021

Have you dropped in with your local gardens, communed with the plant kingdom or simply said hello to the flowers around you recently? Our guest this week will inspire you to (re)direct your attention to spend time with these beautiful and wise beings every day. 


We welcome the deeply magical alchemist, folk herbalist,...

Jul 8, 2021

Today’s episode is a gentle and illuminating reminder that in order to see the most beautiful parts of the Earth, we must first actively protect and deeply respect her.


Our guest today, Nina Karnikowski, is an author and travel writer who invites others to think twice before they, well, travel. An Australian native...

Jul 1, 2021

Today’s episode is a complete treat for anyone who wants to learn more about food security, intersectionality, social - environmental justice and how to take action to live a more balanced, conscientious and informed life. 


We are delighted to welcome the sweet and sage Isaias Hernandez to SOUNDFOOD. Isaias is...