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Mar 3, 2022

Today’s episode offers  a powerful glimpse into the potential of financial sovereignty - starting with our everyday investments of time, energy and attention.


We sit down with the brilliant Brett Morrison. Computer scientist, self-made tech entrepreneur, bitcoin advocate and an absolute beam of life, Brett joins us today to share his journey in finding liberation, empowerment and resonance. From shaping the future of E-commerce, digital image sharing, building Direct to Consumer online solutions for luxury brands such as Von Dutch and Lululemon, working at SpaceX, producing an award-winning film, launching the first mobile voting platform, and raising a beautiful family, Brett has been ahead of the curve for it all. 


Tune in to hear Brett’s expert cryptocurrency dos and don’ts, success hacks, spiritual musings and the vision for his current and newest company, TrueVote, a transparent electronic voting system built by Bitcoin Blockchain. 


Be forewarned, this conversation may leave you wondering if democratic systems may be more dangerous than we think and if  Bitcoin may be a liberating force for good.


Gratitude for you Brett!


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