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May 27, 2021

Today’s episode is an active invitation to consider the source and intimacy of the food that we wear — our clothing. Because for most of us, unless we live in a nudist colony, we all wear some form of clothing.

With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome the founders of Christy Dawn Aras and Christy Baskauskas to SOUNDFOOD. Also known as “The Firekeeper and The Alchemizer” their LA / India-based clothing line is revolutionizing the fashion industry, from soil to seed to dress. Christy Dawn illuminates the positive and negative impact fashion can have on the planet and offers tangible hope (in the forms of beautiful dresses)  to regenerate the planet. In their words, “Sustainability is not enough. Now it’s time to heal.”


Christy and Aras are partners on all levels: lovers, parents, nurturers, farmers, healers,  creatives, entrepreneurs, and naturalists. They began with a vision to create a new, resourceful approach to fashion (and in Aras’s words “make rent”)  and have since evolved into full life-cycle clothing creators and business visionaries. Christy Dawn’s Farm-to-Closet initiative is one of the first in the industry to experiment with deepening its intimacy with the soil and farmers through the integration of regenerative and indigenous farming methods,  while also having measurable carbon capture success. They lease, harvest and heal the land for their cotton, design each piece, and pour their heart and souls into bringing their collection to the community.


Our conversation explores the journey of Christy Dawn: starting with leftover deadstock fabric and winding through the pathways of growth that lead them to eventually collaborate with Oshadi Collective to transform barren land in Erode, India into a thriving regenerative cotton farm. Christy and Aras graciously share the story of their humble beginnings, creative process, commitment to the regenerative model and symbiotic systems, shared hope to enact an industry-wide change, and most of all their growing commitment to heal the Earth.

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