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Nov 18, 2021

Are you feeling a pull to transcend your limiting beliefs and step into your highest most authentic vibration?

Today's episode is here to beam light, clarity and love to anyone who may be feeling lost, overwhelmed, disconnected, distracted, at a low or dull point in their life or career; or who is craving a deeper sense of connection to oneself and/or the Divine. 

We gratefully welcome the brilliant Hermas Lassalle, transformational life coach, spiritual counselor, columnist, consultant, Oscar nominated producer, and actual modern day wizard to SOUNDFOOD. Hermas is a certified CTI coach who has worked with powerful thought leaders, artists, and high-level professionals across the globe to support them in living their most aware, empowered and conscious lives. He is also Nitsa’s coach and a guiding force of this podcast.


We are honored to hear Hermas open up about his own life journey, from a career pivot from London to the West Coast, cultivating a 27 year spiritual practice, to learning to trust his instincts over ego, and tapping into a divine energy that facilitates healing and growth for himself and others. Hermas shares the foundation of his methodology for working with clients, how loving oneself wherever we are at is crucial, the vibrational importance of  words, and the medicinal textures within joy, suffering, and resilience. Nitsa also shares insights into some of the work she has done with Hermas and how it has nourished her on all levels. 


Hermas’s presence is transformational in itself. His ability to connect with the invisible and often intangible is uniquely powerful. This episode is not to be missed. 


Deep and resonant gratitude, Hermas!

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