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Nov 11, 2021

Today we reimagine the future of humankind in the most exquisitely loving and joyful way. 


We are honored to welcome Lani Trock, a brilliant force in thought, devotion, vision and creativity to SOUNDFOOD.  A multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, Lani works with the ephemeral to facilitate planetary evolution, from seed to spirit. We explore her vision for a future post-capitalist society that is founded on collaboration, kindness, abundance, unity consciousness, and harmony; and which utilizes  an ecological worldview, artistic freedom,  blockchain technology and decentralized protocols to reflect the truth of what we are: an interconnected, symbiotic organism, in which each of us equally essential to the collective whole. 


Lani discusses the intention behind her current solo exhibition and so we blossom gently into the infinite garden which is on view at the Philosophical Research Society  through December 3rd. The installation is Lani’s latest offering of the national peace service (NPS), an ongoing project founded by the artist in 2017 which transforms radical thought experiments into tangible, temporary expressions to inspire our collective liberation. 


Lani gracefully outlines the quickly evolving world of blockchain technology for us, explains why NFTs are important for artists, and how a decentralized web ecosystem (web3) can change the world. All the while gently inviting us to move and create at our own authentic pace and lean into deep patience and slowness when needed. 


We love you, Lani. 


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Where to find Lani | Instagram | Twitter | Newsletter | The Philosophical Research Society | Infinite Garden | The Bridge |


Upcoming Programming


SAT 11.13.21 the bridge & open dialogue, co-facilitated by Celeste B. Young

the bridge is a practice of collective self-inquiry, to cultivate peace within, building pathways between heaven and earth. open dialogue is a safe space to discuss and share our somatic, spiritual and philosophical experiences, through meaningful conversations together in community.


FRI 11.19.21 tend to care & open dialogue, co-facilitated by Summer Bowie & Tulpa

tend to care is a durational performance, occurring throughout the exhibition, during which the installation will evolve and shift shape as a living, breathing, ever-blossoming garden & sanctuary, mirroring the mycelial networks of web3. 

FRI 12.4.21
the galactic wave, co-facilitated by Nate Mercereau & Josh Johnson the galactic wave is a participatory music and movement performance, to awaken the innate awareness of our fundamental interconnectedness, tipping the scales towards our continuous evolution into unity consciousness.


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