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Feb 17, 2022

Visual artist. Sculptor. Deep feeler, thinker and devotee to all things water. This week, Nitsa welcomes  Piscean sister Jobi Manson to SOUNDFOOD. Jobi is the creator of Sēfari, a multidisciplinary platform for simple & elemental experiences that merge science, nature, and art in the pursuit of psychosomatic evolution. Jobi’s practice uses water and sound to help people return to their primordial essence, sink into the unknown and merge with their highest potential and depth. 


In this conversation, Job shares how her mystical love of water came to be and how nature has given her the sense of safety and structure she yearned for from a young age. She opens up about a near-death encounter which shifted her relationship to her body and all of life. She offers us a rare peek into her latest work: an immersive sound bath that you can slip into in the privacy of your home and reveals how meditation is magnified while immersed in a warm tub of water.


Thank you dearest Jobi for this (verbally transcendent) deep-dive in energetic downloads, sensory awareness and radical presence. We cherish you!



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