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Jan 28, 2021

On today’s episode of SOUNDFOOD, we are joined by a truly delicious being: the greatly inspiring, and deeply nourishing Camille Becerra. 


Camille is an executive chef, food stylist, recipe developer, photographer, and artist based in New York City. With nearly 15 years of restaurant experience,  her menus have evolved to showcase Camille’s commitment to healthful, seasonal and local ingredients and her affection for approachable yet refined New American cuisine. Her passion for nourishment through food has taken her all over: from Zen Monasteries, where she learned the art of macrobiotics while cooking for monks all the way to Miami, where she competed on Season 3 of “Top Chef”,  and eventually back to bustling New York city, where she opened her first restaurant Paloma in 2005, and eventually conceptualized and ran the James Beard award- winning restaurant, De Maria in 2017. 


Camille shares her extraordinary career and life journey, how she has learned to lean into her intuition to understand her body and other’s needs when cooking, the energetics behind mastering her craft, intentional creativity,  her appreciation for the pleasures of food and dining, the inspiration behind her new seasoning line Vegetable. Mineral, some kitchen hacks, surprising palate cleansers and more. 

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